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If your child just has been diagnosed with asthma we understand it's a scary thought; however rest assured that in most cases his/her life will continue as is with the right precautions in place. Experts no longer advise against exercise, play outside. Medications have improved and by avoiding asthma triggers and following your doctor's advice your child can lead an active life!



  • wheezing/whistling – a continuous, high-pitched sound coming from the chest while breathing
  • shortness of breath – a feeling of not being able to get enough air
  • a feeling of tightness in the chest
  • coughing – alongside other symptoms.

If you think your child has asthma see the doctor immediately. There are many conditions that mimic asthma so don't try to diagnose it yourself but leave it to the medical professionals. Early intervention is crucial as asthma can be fatal if left untreated.

According to the Asthma Australia organisation 1 in 10 people have asthma in Australia and only 41% of children under the age of 15 have a written Action Plan. 


DON'T self-diagnose but see your child's doctor!

TREAT and CONTROL: Have an Asthma Action Plan and fill it out with the help of your doctor. It is likely that your child will have to carry a rescue inhaler with them. This is a fast acting medicine to help stabilise breathing. 

As there is currently no cure for asthma controlling it is the long-term goal. Through daily medication, monitoring symptoms and avoiding triggers

MAINTAIN: The doctor will teach you how to monitor breathing and will control medications. A well-controlled asthma in a child will help them live an active, normal life, have fewer symptoms, rarely required urgent visits to the doctor, have few or no side effects to the medications. 


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