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Women are more prone to asthma than men

Posted on 13 April 2017

Women versus Men and Allergies


Women are more prone to Asthma


I read an interesting article on this topic and thought our readers would also benefit from this information. Science Daily is a website showcasing the latest medical research. The information below concludes the findings of Medical University in Vienna and was presented by Jensen-Jarolim from Meduni's Vienna's Institute of Pathophysiology and Allergy Research.

Based on their research women suffer more frequently and more severely from pollen and food allergies and therefore also from asthma. Female sex hormones increase the risk and symptoms of asthma and allergies and hormone preparations such as the contraceptive pill play a role. Both are great news, right?

If you have noticed that more young boys under age 10 suffer from asthma with more severe symptoms than girls then you seem to be correct. Then puberty and sexual maturity kicks in which increases estrogen and makes girls more susceptible to asthma. As if puberty wasn't difficult already!

Jensen-Jarolim explains: "Oestrogens cause inflammatory cells, such as the mast cells, for example, to react more sensitively to allergens. Conversely, the male hormone testosterone seems to exert a kind of protective function."

Are you a woman taking hormones? Then you are one of the growing number of women who do either for the purposes of life and family planning or to avoid falling hormone levels, which play a significant role in the development of osteoporosis. Such hormone treatments of course may trigger some uncomfortable results, hypersensitivity, cause migraines, joint pain, eczema, worsening of acne and breathing difficulties. Transgender medicine relies on hormone treatment.

Again referring to Jensen-Jarolim: "We still do not pay enough attention to these links in the interaction between allergology and gynaecology."

Hormonal factors in cycles

Based on the above women have to pay more strict attention to where they are in their cycle when planning hormone treatment. A warning to pregnant women, pay attention as hormone balance changes during pregnancy and Asthma can worsen in one third of pregnant women. An asthma attack during pregnancy represents a serious risk to both mother and child.

It is recommended to have an allergy diagnosed at an early stage, preferably before the pregnancy because an untreated allergy is the first step towards asthma.

Allergy to hormones

MedUni Vienna highlights that allergy to hormones themselves is an incredibly important area, mainly affecting women but there has been minimal study has been done on this topic. It is important to research "hormone allergy" in connection with contraceptives, which can even lead to miscarriage. There is a pressing need not only to initiate research in this area but also to progress diagnostics together with the gynaecologists. 


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