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How an antibiotic used to treat lung disease may help to reduce asthma attacks

Posted on 06 July 2017

Yes, as you read in the title this may be the case if you take an antibiotic called '


Antibiotic to treat asthma

This drug is normally prescribed to people suffering from a rare lung disease ... however after testing it on 200 asthma sufferers the severity of the asthma attacks have reduced. The study took a year with patients taking the drug three times a week and they have all reported 

a 40 per cent reduction in moderate and severe asthma attacks. It has also reduced the swelling in the lungs hence easing cough symptoms.

One of the challenges the medical team now faces is how to ensure the patients don't develop resistance to azithromycin. Side effects also need to be monitored.

For more details you can read the article here



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